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Our Work in Product Marketing

tinyGIANT straddles the worlds of technology and social impact - this blog post, part of a series, explores our work marketing the product and services that we've developed.

A critical aspect of developing new products and services is generating the marketing materials that will be used to explain your offering and, hopefully, inspire interest in your intended customers. Below are a few examples of marketing materials for products and services our team members have helped developed and for which they provided the content, copy, and the overall vision - relying on graphic designers and our marketing colleagues for art direction, polish, and provision of the finished product.

These product marketing materials can be divided into four common types:

  • Brochure: a general marketing document (print and digital) that explains your company and product/service offering (aka product line). It is used as a tool by the Sales team to clearly articulate "who we are and what we do". The goal of a brochure is for your target customer to see themselves and their current challenges reflected in the document and to understand how your offering can help them by addressing their problem.

  • Cut Sheet / Data Sheet / Spec Sheet: a focused document (usually front and back of a single page - print and digital) that succinctly describes a specific product and the technical details of what it is and what it does. It is used by the Sales team to describe to customers the exact item (aka SKU) that is being offered for sale. The goal of a cut sheet is for your target customer to understand the technical requirements and expected performance of the item so that they know 1) what they are purchasing, and 2) they can verify that the item meets their needs.

  • Product Video: a short, engaging video with high production value that clearly articulates what your product or service is and how it works.

  • Product Web Page: a web page dedicated to the product or service offering that provides a high-level description of the the product in addition to featuring the cut sheet and product video described above for viewing or downloading.


A one-page brochure describing, at a high-level, an airspace security system, its components, what it is used for, and what it is capable of doing.

A bi-fold brochure for a product line of machine vision-powered robotic solutions for e-commerce facilities describing what the systems can do, what types of items they can handle, how they integrate into a facility, and the unique value proposition of working with the company.

A ten-page brochure describing a product design consulting firm, including is mission, services, process, and project examples.

Cut Sheet / Data Sheet / Spec Sheet

A single page (front and back) cut sheet for an automated bagging system describing the primary use case, features, benefits, return on investment (ROI), performance, facility requirements, and specific parameters for items it can handle.

A single page spec sheet providing technical details for an airspace access control system describing the components an their operating capabilities/limitations.

A single page (front and back) cut sheet describing a low-altitude airspace monitoring system, its intended utility and use, and the web and mobile apps with which the customer will interact.

Product Video

A video describing how a robotic sorter induction system functions.

A "show-don't-tell" video illustrating how an low-altitude drone security system works.

A video describing the services (and mission/values) of a social-impact product design consultancy.

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